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Ancestors: Kenway Options

Since the Kenway jacket is available with two closure options, this post is to help explain the differences. Keep in mind, I have only made the asymmetrical option, so the symmetrical images are photoshopped and approximate.

In the top two images, on the left is the center fastened option, and the right in the asymmetrical option. The symmetrical option has narrower turnback panels and falls a little further apart, because the panel is turned away from the center, where the asymmetrical option has wider panels which when turned back fall closer to the center.

The middle image shows how the asymmetrical version looks when half-closed, exposing the blue ‘lapels’, which is a feature I personally like.

The bottom two images are laid out the same way as the top two, with the symmetrical version on the left. The left one zippers down the center of the wearer’s chest, where the asymmetrical version closes more like a fencing jacket. On the actual version of the symmetrical style, the left most zipper would not be complete when the jacket is closed, but would instead be half of a zipper, as would the right most zipper, where the center zipper would be both sides of a zipper fastened together.

I hope this helps to clarify, if there are further questions, feel free to ask in email.

Kenway Jacket - $345 USD

Unfortunately, orders are currently closed. Please follow my blog or keep an eye out at for updates.

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